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Avian Arts 2016: PRICING GUIDE

Now Accepting    AvianArts CC
$150 Per Bird for 90 Day Guaranteed Turnaround
Puddlers and Divers (Standing or Flying) $350.00
Sea Ducks
King, Pacific, and Common Eiders $550.00
All Scoters $425.00
Harlequins, Oldsquaw and Goldeneye $350.00
Small (Ross, Brant, Cacklers, Richardsons, Barnacle, Shellducks) $450.00
Medium (Snows, Blues, Specks and Lesser Canadas) $550.00
Large (Canadas) $800.00
All Not accepting at this time.
Sandhill Not accepting at this time.
Turkey (all poses) Not accepting at this time.
Turkey Tail and Beard Mount with Plaque $250.00
Pheasant $350.00
Grouse (Ruffed, Blue and Spruce) $350.00
Sage Grouse $395.00
Chukar $350.00
Quail $300.00

All other bird species please call or email for prices. All mounts come with Texas tumbled cedar (driftwood) Avian Arts can do any type of habitat imaginable. With habitat having so many variables, price will be quoted. Most base work starts at $200.

*Not accepting any dry salted skins.

Billing Procedure and DISCLAIMER PLEASE read
Avian Arts is NOT responsible for Losses due to Fire, Theft, Loss in Transit, Power Failure, or any natural disaster. ALL “Invoiced” birds require a 100.00/per bird deposit upon arrival at the studio. ANY bird left 30 days without a deposit placed upon it will be disposed of without notification. You will be notified by phone or Email when your bird is scheduled to be mounted, The BALANCE is DUE at that request. UNLESS other payment arrangements are made at that time you have 30 days to remit the balance. Most mounts are ready for delivery 30-45 days after your deposit is received. ANY bird with an unpaid balance after 30 days is considered abandoned, at this time the deposit is forfeited and the bird is disposed of. Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS, and is ENFORCED. I take the privilege of mounting your bird seriously. PLEASE take my deposit/Payment Procedure seriously!